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The confluence project aims to collect photographs of every place where an integer longitude and latitude line intersect on land. Anyone can visit a "confluence" and submit photographs with a report, and unvisited coordinates are filling up fast. We have been lucky to be in countries with few visited GPS confluences and so have been able to log some unique ones. Here is a list of our visits with links to the www.confluence.org site with information on each of these locations and the stories of how we got there.
GPS 00° 80°W
3 km (1.8 miles) SE of Mariela, Ecuador
GPS 04°S 80°W
3 km (1.8 miles) E of Alamor, Ecuador
GPS 13°S 73°W
8 km (4.8 miles) SE of Yupancca, Peru
GPS 14°S 70°W
2.2 km (1.3 miles) ESE of Coasa, Peru
GPS 23°S 68°W
22 km (13.2 miles) WSW of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
[26-Mar-04] [incomplete]
GPS 37°S 73°W
1 km (0.6 miles) SE of Patagua, Bio-Bio, Chile
GPS 40°S 73°W
1.7 km (1 miles) W of La Paloma, Los Lagos, Chile