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CategoryCommon brandOur brandChemical nameDosageQty carriedQty notes
Antacid?NutraloxCalcium Carbonate420 mg2 courses2 pills/course
AntibioticCipro®Ciproxyl 500Ciprofloxacin (as HCL)500 mg2 courses10 pills/course
Zithromax®AzicineAzithromycin250 mg2 courses6 pills/course
Anti-GiardiaTinibaTrigyn®Tinidazole500 mg3 courses4 pills/course
AntihistamineBenadril®Diphen1-diphenhydramine HCL25 mg2 pillsas needed
Anti-malarial??Doxycycline100 mg42 pills1/day
AntimotilityImodiumColodium®, Loporal CPELoperamide Hydrochloride2 mg30 pills1pill/loose stool
Fever reducerMotrin IB®Motrin IBIbuprofen200 mg4 pillsas needed
Pain killerPanadol®Panadol®Paracetamol 500 mg11 pillsas needed
Aleve®Aleve®Paproxen Sodium220 mg50 pills1/six hours
Urinary/bladderBio-organics®Bio-organics®Vaccinium oxycoccus100 mg30 pills1/liter water - as needed
VitaminsvarietyvarietyVit E (skin), Zinc (healing), Multi (general)as needed

Medical bookEric A. WeissWilderness and Travel Medicine, sold with Adventure Medical Kits, ISBN 0-9659768-0-7 Probably most important item
BandageBand-Aidskeep cuts clean
Electrical tape?stop blisters before they start
MolefoamDr Scholl'sCorns, calluses, blisters, tender spot care, cut to size
Gauze VarietySterile gauze pads, sponges and wraps
Tape3M TransporeHolds gauze in place
Salt---------to remove leeches, drain blisters and more
Suture3M Steri-Stripadhesive sutures (stitches)
Safety pins---------Multitude of uses
Tweezers---------Important item to stop infections from ticks, splinters etc.

AntibioticNeosporin+®Number one item to include for cuts/punctures, etc.1 tube
Sting ReliefSting Eze®Found this bottle - works wonders if used immediately1 tube
PDIBenzocaine 6%4 pkts
Povidone-IodinePDI10% Povidone-Iodine solution4 pkts
Antiseptic toweletteMoore MedicalBaenzalkonium Chloride, USP, 1:2504 pkts

We have used little of this travel medkit so far. Andy has had a few bouts of giardia in Peru which have been swiftly dealt with by the tinidazole - though it took a 3 day course to get rid of Dana's. Loperamide has swiftly dealt with Dana's cases of chicken allergy (difficult food to avoid in South America). We came close to having to use the 3M Steri-Strip in Chile when a guy messing about on a quad on the ocean's edge managed to flip it and had the chain slice deeply into his leg. As the wound was close to a joint and he was within an hour of a hospital, he was sent to hospital with major shock. The salt has been useful many, many times, probably more than any other single item. The Sting Relief works on histamine problems as diverse as stinging plants to ant stings and fly bites. The ciprofloxacin killed Dana's severe food poisoning in a matter of hours, fever included, in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. We've used a few plasters/band aids on and off as needed. Eric A. Weiss's book has been a god send, if we were more obsessed by weight we would probably carry it and less of the rest, then at least we would know what to buy, the 'in the field' tips in the book are excellent too. Thanks to our good friend Jim for gifting it to us! I hope most of the above gets to remain excess weight in our packs.