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Rural Lands Protection Fund brochure:
PESTFACT PO33/E0194/P0294
Identification of Prickle Bushes

Prickly Acacia
Mimosa bush

Four prickly leguminous trees are woody weeds of semi-arid areas. Because two or more are often present in the same area, land managers should correctly identify them before considering control measures.

With practice, mature plants of the four species can often be recognized from a distance by their overall shape and sometimes their foliage colour. However, because many trees are not the "standard" shape of colour, quick visual identifications from afar are not always correct. All four species produce spines, yellow flowers, and bean-like seed pods. For positive identification a tree must be examined closely.

Distinguishing characters:

Fortunately, the four prickly bushes or trees can be easily distinguished, as follows: If there are no flowers, pods alone can be used to distinguish mesquites, prickly acacia and mimosa bush.

If there are no flowers or pods, bark colour can be used, with some expertise: