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General International Travel:
Lonely Planet - Trip planning essentials
XE Currency converter
World time server

Map sites:
Map Quest
Simplistic world maps
Black topographical maps from BugBox.com
Theodora country maps and flags
Join the world GPS confluence mapping and images project
Detailed government military contoured maps of Peru

Specific Region details:
New Zealand's Department of Conservation - Huts and hikes
WWOOF Australia - Homes where you can stay and learn
"Mr Pumpy's" Cycle touring SE Asia information pages
South American Explorers Club - Regional knowledge center

Other Travel Links:
Lonely planet's cycle touring discussion board.
UNESCO World Heritage List
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Teach abroad

Other sites of interest:
Common simple medical emergencies
Australian Ants
Artwork of Dana's dad and step-mother
Rudy Moore's notes from the South Pole