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Photographic still life of a room with a wooden shuttered window open allowing light to enter the gloom. A vase and candlestick sit on a table against the facing wall, a chair against the wall containing the window that runs towards the camera on the right of the image
Title: The way it was
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Country: USA
Subject notes: The Santa Barbara Royal Presidio, built in 1782, was the last of four military fortresses built by the Spanish in California. The original fort was a fully enclosed quadrangle surrounding an open parade ground. Today, this part of downtown Santa Barbara is a State Park where part of the fort has been carefully restored using the original foundations, and ongoing archeological digs continue to research this historic structure.
Photography notes: This entire photo hinges on the exposure; for how the lighting plays on the various objects in the room and the coloring it produces is the essence of the picture. The light reading was taken on the inner window shade, allowing the window itself to slightly overexpose, while the interior of the room remained dark and colorful in its simplicity.
Trip: Santa Barbara in Weekend Excursions