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Central Market of Dalat, Vietnam showing brightly colored stalls of fresh fruit and vegetables. Various stall holders are arranging their foodstuffs for sale.
Title: Central Market, Dalat Vietnam
Location: Dalat
Country: Vietnam
Subject notes: Da Lat, (Da meaning river, and Lat being the name of the original local tribe) is a wonderful 1500 meters (about 4500 ft) above sea level, in the highest part of the west central highlands. Here, temperatures are cool in summer and not too cold in the winter. Da Lat was founded in 1893 by the French as a place of retreat and education; close to Saigon but far from the sweltering heat of the Mekong delta. It is known as the garden city, and the huge, indoor central market is overflowing with vegetables and grains produced along the valleys and hilltops surrounding the beautiful colonial town.
Photography notes: I wanted
Camera modelE-10
Exposure time1/8 sec
Metering modeSpot
Focal Length17.0 mm
to capture the colors and variety found at the Dalat market, and found the best place to be from the balcony above all of the action. From this spot, I zoomed in to only the central portion of the market, forming the picture as if it were a pattern shot. The lighting was very dark, and so the crispness of the items for sale was gained by holding the camera tightly to the balcony rim. The slow shutter speed blurred the people who were moving, adding action and showing the bustling nature of the market.
Trip: South East Asia