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Picture of a long necked turtle with one eye open despite having its neck wrapped along the front of its shell.  The background is the blue of reflected sky in water and the deep brown-red of the mud bottom of Australia's reservoirs
Title: George off road
Location: Victoria
Country: Australia
Subject notes: Cycling between the many dry reserviors in Victoria, Australia we saw a few turtles that had been killed by the passing traffic along the road. George was still untouched, so we stopped and walked it back down to the water's edge, delighting in seeing a live long-necked turtle and being able to help it stay alive. No doubt George was less enthusiastic about the move... poor thing had probably spent a quite a bit of time pushing itself up to the road in the first place.
Photography notes: The lighting on
Camera modelE-10
Exposure time1/80 sec
Metering modeSpot
Focal Length36.0 mm
George was very bright for the angle of the sun, making it possible to have a large enough f-stop to have all of the turtle in focus, and a level of contrast that gives a watery feel to the setting with dark and deep colors in the background. Down on my elbows and knees in the mud, I was very close to the turtle to get a personal feel to the photograph. In Photoshop, I rotated the photo until George's long neck was horizontal, bringing additional attention to his eye, the focal point of the picture, and making the water reflections in the background seem out of line and a bit surreal.
Trip: Australia