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A child of the Amazonas is hiding in a blue string hammock in her house. She is interested in the strangers that have come to visit, but does not want to be noticed herself.
Title: Shy but watchful
Location: First village upstream on the Manapiare River from San Juan de Manapiare
Country: Venezuela
Subject notes: Our bongo pulled up to a small village high on the banks of the Manapiare river. There were several huts in the village, but there seemed to be no one home. We soon found only a few children, including this girl. Luis, the naturalist on our trip, showed us the various tools made from items found in the surrounding forest and explained how to use them to produce food. We returned on the weekend, finding the adults home from the orchards. The same children this time greeted us with confidence and ran laughing in front of us, bringing us to their parents. We learned from the adults that the village produced all their own food and building supplies, while trading tobacco, hand crafted bow and arrows, and hand-raised parrots at the nearest town for all other items. Marco purchased a bow and a set of arrows, and Luis bought a bird for his son, and a round of very strong tobacco was enjoyed by all the men.
Photography notes:
Trip: Amazonas