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A Khmer lady is cycling along the side of a dusty road. The road itself is in such poor condition that the local cyclists have created a second route paralleling the first. Her bike rack is loaded with food and a white sack with unknown contents. The bare brown earth of the path and the surrounding area stretch off towards distant mountains, passing a few scattered trees on their way
Title: Follow me
Location: Kralanh
Country Cambodia
Subject notes: And follow her we did. Cambodian roads are for the most part horrible pits of sandy dirt. When cars would pass it was impossible to see anything, and our clothes were stained red from the dust though we washed them every evening. Following locals, we were able to find side paths, away from the cars, where there were no holes created by heavy vehicles, only smooth paths with friendly people. These brief moments were a joy we never turned down.
Photography notes:
Camera modelE-10
Exposure time1/100 sec
Metering modeSpot
Focal Length36.0 mm
Trip: South East Asia