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Clayoquet Sound

19-06-01 The following morning I was packing my belongings, trying to figure out how to pack them in a symmetrical manner so the bike would ride in a straight line. The puzzle seemed impossible, and Dunkley (my friend from the ferry) offered to go through Nate and Dunk arriving at the resort what I had and see if there were any duplicate items, and thus items that could be sent back to my roommate, Jim, and avoid my having to carry them. (Dunkley has lead countless cross-country trips and is usually the person to go through all the trip members' gear and consolidate it down to only what is truly necessary.) At the end of this session, I had almost 20 pounds of gear to send home!Anne (sister of the bride) greeting her parents.

We had come across my phone and he remembered he had to call the groom before heading over to meet the boat carrying people and gear to the floating resort where the wedding was to be held. Dunkley was talking on the phone, "Well, I thought she was going to come, but it fell through�" Adding to the disappointment was the fact that the expensive spot on the floating resort was non-refundable.

Boating to the wildside hike

Dunk continued, "Unless the woman I met last night wants to come�" he held the phone away from his head as to not yell into and called over to me, "do you want to go to a floating resort for three days where everything is paid for and there are kayaks to paddle and all of the people are wonderful outdoorsy people?" I thought about it for a millisecond. I had been very anxious to get started on my bike trip as the summer is said to be short in Canada. I also didn't know how comfortable I felt going to an expensive wedding where I didn't know the bride or the groom... would I feel welcome? Would Dunk get sick of me after four days? I put aside my fears and decided this type of opportunity simply wouldn't come along every day and for once in my life I could say yes to just such an offer� "Yes, I'll go!"

Native Guide (First Nation) for our wildside walk

Dunk and the groom, Nate, kayaked the 10 miles to the resort making a grand entrance to this three day long adventure wedding. The next three days were a slice of heaven.Cantering back to the outpost

Each morning "Cowboy John," the owner of the resort would visit with each guest and help them decide what they were going to do for the day. The first day there was a trip to some hot springs, a "wild side" hike along several beaches and through northern rain forest, Wedding dayand a group that would go kayaking, the second day there was horseback riding and deep sea fishing, etc. Elaborate lunches were individually packed in special backpacks, guests were dressed in orange survival suits for the boat rides out to their adventures and off everyone went for the days. The evening was spent eating a five course meal and the nights were spent with friends in the hot tub. Everyone was extremely nice and accepting and fun! The wedding was held on the porch overlooking the water, trees and mountains... on the summer solstice.

Clayoquet Sound Resort

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