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k. Las Gaviotas to El Diablito

Dana walking with girl from Las Gaviotas

The hike along the lake follows the rocky shore, passing locals getting geared up for an influx of tourists. Soon there will be a campsite with toilets and an extended picnic table right on the shore. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any plumbing or similar to deal with the waste, any hole will be sunk to around the same level as the lake water. Staying at the site may not be as pleasant as it looks.

Water is easy to come by in this section as the path is crossed by many small streams. After leaving the shore of the lake the path enters a mixture of farmland and woodland. The sides of the woodland path have been cleared to erect telephone poles, clearing the shade. After around 1½hours the path ends at a river that is crossed by two long logs and the road begins. A further ½hour leads to El Diablito mini-mercado.