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Hiking routes:

Department of Cusco, Peru

Location of the Inca Wasi hike in Peru
Inca Wasi's front door Inca Wasi - Hike along the Rio Vilcabamba and up around the Palmayoc riverhead to the remote Incan oracle of Inca Wasi, the jewel of a collection of ruins known as Puncuyoc.

Patagonia, Chile

Location of hiking routes in Patagonia, Chile Lago Todos los Santos and Volcan Osorno hike Alerce Costero Nacional Monument hike Argentina to Chile along the Rio Manso
Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps.
Used with permission.
Lago Vidal Gormaz farm Rio Manso - Argentina to Chile on foot or Chile to Argentina on an infrequently used foot and horse path through mountain passes, rainforest and remote farms only accessible by trail.
Boat at Chilcon landing Lago Todos Los Santos - Walk around the base of Volcan Ososrno, cross Lago Todo Los Santos and hike through the rainforests of Rio Sin Nombre to Lago Rupanco.
Alerce trees at sunrise Alerce Costero Nacional Monument - Hike over the coastal range through the Alerce Costero Nacional Monument with trees up to 4000 years old and to a remote beach on the Pacific Ocean at Hueicolla.