Map of the section 4 route, all contained image map links are available from the textual links on this page Inca Wasi Abandoned pegs and reflection pond Cave Group
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Section 4 - Upper Puncuyoc valley sites ~3 hours (walking time only)

Terrain - The trail up to Inca Wasi takes 45 minutes from the trail junction. It is steep and contains many stairways along the way. The rest of the sites do not have trails to the them. Traversing to the peg pile through marshy grassland takes only five minutes. Walking to the far side of the reflection pond to the upper banos is again only five minutes. From there to the cave group is a difficult cross country down into the tall grasses of the boulder field, and then scrambling up the steep sides of the valley just down valley from the pillar. This takes about an hour return of walking. Add more time to all of these estimates for exploring and enjoying the ruins.

Water - Running water can be found in canals that run above and through the lower boulder fields on the way to the cave group.

Notes - Inca Wasi sits just over 13,000 ft ( 3980 metres ). People who are unaccustomed or unacclimitized the to high altitudes may have problems with altitude sickness, and at the very least may have to walk slowly in this part of the hike. Keep this in mind when planning how much time to allow for exploring Inca Wasi and other sites at this altitude.