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m. Abandoned pegs at the reflection pond

Andy studying roofing pegs View of pond from Inca Wasi with reflected pillar

Just a short walk across a marshy area lays a pile of unused roofing pegs. They are of many different shapes and forms and lead to many questions - are they simply rejected roofing pegs, not considered good enough for Inca Wasi? Was more building in progress at the time the site was abandoned? It is reported that two martillos, hammer stones, were found in the vicinity lending more evidence to this latter theory. Pegs below Inca WasiIf this is correct... what was it they were building? Were one or more of the ruins in the area never actually finished? These are among the many unanswered questions at Puncuyoc.

Following the edge of the lake around to its western side, the remains of another baño may be found, though it no longer has any water flowing near or through it. (See photo below)

Upper banos at the western edge of reflection pond