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l. Cave group

Location of Cave group, Group 2

Getting to the cave group can be a bit tricky, allow at least one hour round trip. Locate the rock that forms the cave while you are still at Inca Wasi, as this will help in finding it later. From the western edge of the reflection pond, climb down the steep hill into a boulder field, being careful not to fall into one of the narrow, two foot deep canal that winds between the boulders. Continue down the boulder field until coming to the place where only grasses grow on the steep hillside that angles up to the north along the western side of the valley.
Front of the Cave group with Inca Wasi in the background
Picture of the inside of the cave, ruined by huaqueros / treasure hunters
This is the area that is best to climb, as it leads straight to the back of the giant boulder that forms the cave group, and avoids the pocket of cloud forest beneath the pillar where there are plants that look like a mix of grass and bamboo that cause small cuts while pushing through them.

Once at the boulder, find a way around to the opposite side (western side) where the main cave once was six feet from floor to ceiling and 15 feet wide from side to side. Now, huaqueros, or treasure hunters, have destroyed the entire interior of the cave, probably hoping it was a tomb filled with treasure. Where there was once a fitted rock entrance down to a paved floor, now only a pile of rocks and mud remain, blocking and filling the small subterranean enclosure.