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Section 3 - Lower Puncuyoc trails ~2 hours

Terrain - The terrain varies drastically between the different sections of the lower Puncuyoc valley. From the headwaters an incan road with many flights of steep stairs traverses the side of the Palmayoc valley to the fourth mirador that looks down into the Puncuyoc valley (30 minutes). From the fourth mirador, the path traverses downward through patches of cloud forest to the main path junction (5 minutes) . From the path junction down to the lower banos, the path passes through very thick bamboo forest (45 minutes return when cleared). The path to group three from the junction is short and through tall tussock grasses, and requires a jump over a small canyon (15 minutes return).

Water - There is running water that is easily accessed from just above the trail junction towards Inca Wasi. As always in Peru, purify any water collected. The trail to group four passes running water just off the path a few times. Collecting it, however, may require machette skills.

Notes - To pass through this area and continue on to Inca Wasi takes only fifty minutes from base camp. The total time given above (~2 hours) is to walk from base camp and between all of the groups of the lower Puncuyoc described here.. The incan road to the lower baños (group 4) reportedly continues down to Yupanca for those with time and machettes.