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k. Group three - house and baños

Group three from above

Only fifteen minutes return walk from the junction, group three contains two structures, one rectangle house and one small bath with water still rushing down its side. Reaching this group is more exciting than usual as there is a canyon along the path with no bridge. Though it is only about five feet deep, it looks like it would be difficult to climb back out if one were to fall in. With a confident run and jump, it is easily cleared, but add some time for the nerve racking buildup for those who don't like such jumps. Another option is to take the left path that leads to Inca Wasi and cross the grass back down to the group, as the upper path crosses the river in a much more gentle fashion.

An enticing idea emerges in the pattern of a house and bano for each entrance to the site. There is one more entrance to Puncuyoc - an overgrown road that runs up from the valley to the east through a thick patch of cloud forest, on the opposite side of Inca Wasi to this site. No caretaker's hut or baños has been found on this path and, in fact, this path hasn't been explored much at all yet. Tempting information for anyone with an explorer's heart and good machette skills.