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j. Path to the lower baños

Path through bamboo to the lower banos

From the junction, a path leads steeply down the valley through thick cloud forest filled with an understory of bamboo. The sound of falling water is all around, though the leaves hide almost all of it. After slip sliding for twenty minutes down into the forest there is a large white boulder with a narrow section that acts as a pointer for the path off the left to the baños. There are many structures here, including one that looks like it was once filled with water. There are stairs that lead down into what would have once been the water and a canal that flows past this baño, and probably would once have filled and flushed it. The area is very similar to group three, but seemingly larger with more buildings. It has a distinctive air of being a caretaker's hut, and a place to wash before continuing up to Inca Wasi. This building cluster would have been the main group of buildings a visitor would have reached long ago, when this was the main entrance from Yupanca, possibly thus warranting a larger group of buildings to handle visitors.

Exploring the lower banos Pointer boulder of the lower banos