Map of the section 2 route, all contained image map links are available from the textual links on this page Puncuyoc Puncuyoc base camp End of the traverse, time to descend Abra Huarina, traverse from here The path split in the meadow and the lake Leaving Yupanca
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g. Traverse and descent to Puncuyoc base camp

Pond at the turning point for the start of the travers Second sight of incan building - a ten foot section of road

After about 35 minutes, passing both a small incan bridge and a 10 ft section of paved incan road (upper right), the path ends at a small pond / tarn (upper left) . Use this pond to mark where to leave the path, as the path heads up the hill to the east, complete with incan road at the base of it going the wrong way for Inca Wasi. From the pond, turn south and start to traverse and descend through the grass, the photo in the lower left shows the view to the south-east with a ridge Route to basecamp from the pondrunning along the eastern side of the valley. Base camp lies over this ridge and down. Cow and horse paths come and go from here down to the camp but the route is pretty straight forward. If there has been heavy rain recently, there is a route along the top of the ridge that runs down to base camp, otherwise it is just as easy to walk down the center of the smaller valley to the camp with two spots on either side of a creek. From the pond to base camp is a half hour's walk.

View into the back valley before coming to the pond / turning place