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c. Lucma to Yupanca, and Inca history and sites around Lucma

Church bell tower built with Incan roof pegs for decoration

While Lucma is very small, it is the provincial capital of Vilcabamba, La Convencion, Cuzco, Peru. It has a few small food shops and guides with horses for the local sites ( Inca Huaracana and Pinccollunca - described below ) and beyond. From the town of Lucma, the road continues primarily downward with views over Yupanca and the Rio Vilcabamba. Yupanca is only twenty minutes away!

Sites around Lucma: The site of Inca Huaracana sits on the top of the mountain at the bend of the Rio Vilcabamba, accessed by a path leading from the churchyard in Lucma. This area was possibly a communications Graveyard near Lucma with graves of both raised fitted rock and cement stylescenter using smoke signals, reflected light and night time fires. The site of Pinccollunca, a fort with only an overgrown wall remaining, is across the valley from Inca Huaracana.