Photograph of a child crouched, head in hands, in front of the shack he lives in with his 8 siblings. The shack is roughly made from corrugated metal, his pregnant mother is standing next to the shack in the background.  Reny Barrio empties a river canoe by rocking it back and forth, splashing all of the water out.  River dividing Venezuela from Colombia.  Small fishing pools of the dry season.
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Exploring Puerto Ayacucho

Upper right - One of nine kids in a family living in a shack on the high granite above the Orinoco river.

Lower right - Reni Barrio, delightful english-speaking owner of Dantos Adventure and Jungle Accommodation, emptying a bongo of water using a local technique, before taking us to a geologically interesting area of the river near his property. To contact him, ask at Aguas Bravas on Ave. Rio Negro, No 32-2, plaza Romulo in Puerto Ayacucho

Upper Left - Marco and Luis walking on a granite plain overlooking the Orinoco river. On the other side of the river is the much feared country of Colombia.

Lower right - The low levels of the Orinoco during the dry season. It is during this time of year that fishing is especially easy as fish are trapped in small pools.