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Product:Battery charger (AA & AAA)
Model:Rapid Charger PC-81-1
Units tested:1
Life span:Still in use - purchased March 2002

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Tested unit information

Individual test unit information
Purchase Date1st March 2002
VendorCamera House Colombo, Christchurch, New Zealand
Use timeEvery day to once a week over lifespan
LifespanMarch 2002 - Still in use
Reason for ratingThe POWERhaus rapid charger has never failed us. It has been used in areas of variable electrical situations such as small scale hydroelectricity in rural Peru, unreliable SE Asian general power and reliable European mains. The Ni-MH batteries have also lasted for years, though they have been charged daily to weekly, making us confident in the charger's ability to sense when the batteries are charged without overcharging them.