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Name:Pension Ibarra
Location:Avenida Tacna 359 14th & 15th floor ( door 1402 ), Lima, Peru
PriceS/.20-25 double
Owners:Señoras Ibarra
Telephone:(051) 1-427-1035

Positive points of Pension Ibarra

  • Clean
  • Rooms are in self-contained apartments made up of 4-5 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living room and, in some cases, a second bathroom
  • Comfortable and relaxed
  • Use of kitchen, including fridge and freezer
  • Living room and local TV
  • Electrical sockets in all rooms
  • Balcony with great views ( as much as Lima fog allows )
  • Place for cold water hand-washing laundry and a covered drying area
  • Table and chairs in each room
  • Wardrobe in every room but no shelving
  • Central location
  • Friendly owners
  • Can pick up from the airport or bus stations

Negative points of Pension Ibarra

  • Noise - the centre of Lima is amazingly noisy, even on the 15th floor it's quite a racket to wake up to.
  • No front door key, guests need to ring the doorbell to their apartment and wait for the owners to let them in, which they do very quickly.
  • Hard beds
  • Hot water may be a problem in busy times

Local attractions and facilities

  • Lima has most of the facilities of any modern city
  • Cathedrals, churches, shops, restaurants, museums (including one on the Spanish Inquisition)

Pension Ibarra is a very comfortable place to be, it's very nice to have access to a kitchen and the other facilities. The owners are very friendly and although the place is a little worn and suffers from a great deal of traffic noise we recommend it highly.

If you have had a different experience or have something to add please send us a mail